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How to lose weight fast and best foods for weight loss ?

I would like to serve 23 menu to lose weight, simple menu from the microwave.

Who does not want to be fat, this way, I would like to serve 23 menu to lose weight, simple menu from the microwave, full of savory-sweet food. Every low-calorie menu is a healthy food to eat every day along with exercise.
Weight loss is almost 8 kilograms.Not many devices, just having a microwave. Anyone who wants to lose weight does not need to starve and can still eat 3 meals as needed.
Today, the jar of dotcom offers 23 easy weight loss dishes.From microwave recipe from you in_runk member, website That helps to make it thin by making delicious food from microwave,
2 styles, both savory and sweet food Every low-calorie menu Can eat every meal for health Along with exercise Let’s see, the weight will be reduced by almost 8 kilograms.
The weight lost almost 8 kilograms with a simple healthy menu that has a microwave as an important ingredient by you in_runk member,
Before leaving I always like to eat food, eat, snack, coffee, dessert, fried food, eat until we weigh 82 kilograms (as shown below) like never before. Look radiant, can not tolerate anyone.
I say why it looks fat Until having to find food information. For health, how to lose weight on the website, thousand tips, facebook and various websites.
Along with exercise And combined with the house and office without a gas stove. Only microwave and pan Therefore is the most important device Let’s start. No way to do it.
Acting like making on a pan Just change to use the microwave instead But if interested in any menu, please ask.

Our Program.

Program 1 click here more detail.

Program 2 click here more detail.

    • The ingredients are fish sauce, soy sauce, various sauces, reduced sodium, brown sugar, olive oil and ground pepper.
    • Raw materials that are cooked with fresh vegetables, chicken breast, pork ribs, chicken eggs, brown rice and others that want to eat are adapted to various ingredients. Let's start.
    • Brown rice porridge, fried egg
    • Grilled chicken breast and fried egg (Bring the chicken to marinate and grill on the pan or can be baked in the microwave.)
    • This menu brings chicken breast and boiled eggs to mix with rice.
    • Fried rice with tuna fried in the microwave
    • Fried rice with chili sauce
    • Boiled chicken breast, boiled vegetables and spicy sauce
    • Bring to the rice as before.
    • Pumpkin Tuna Egg Poached Eggs
    • Poached eggs, vegetables and shrimp
    • Tuna Laab
    • Say goodbye to chicken
    • sour tuna mixed vegetables
    • Spaghetti Whole Wheat Curry
    • Spicy Spaghetti Whole Wheat Roasted Chicken
    • Chopped morning glory chicken salad
    • canned tuna salad
    • Shrimp salad with fried egg
    • Stir-fried kale oil with oyster sauce (This stir-fried menu uses fried water)
    • Stir fried chicken morning glory
    • mixed vegetable stire-fried
    • Fried chicken with ginger
    • Eat savory food and have a little sweet food.
    • Cold tofu Use Tofusan Tofu with Basil and Pumpkin
    • Tofu with tofu (The mood is about wanting to eat coconut milk, cantaloupe)
    • And finally, the banana sandwich Use yogurt and honey Put the bread into the sandwich maker. (Don't eat a lot)

I eat this kind of food that I do myself for about 3 months and exercise averaging 3-4 days a week to see the results. Previously, weight 82 kg and after that, the weight was reduced to 75 kg.
This clothes came back to wear the same, and not uncomfortable. Friends, brothers and sisters at the office say that why is it thinner? Gradually, gradually. Now, the latest weight of 75 kilograms. Downgrade
Will give up. It’s hard. But the most important part is the lack of exercise. The weight is about this. I am satisfied. Will be reduced more than this if eaten strictly But if it is too precise, it may not last long May be bored until you stop eating
Slowly adjust, gradually eat, let it be a habit. What is done and happy, we want to continue to do it. I may not be more skinny. Or better than this But living this kind of life, I am happy. Finally, thanks to the information in the Pantip website in this room and thank you. Eat Clean Baby Facebook is the starting point for eating healthy food. What menu do you want to ask how to do it? And we will be good together
Finished with 23 easy weight-loss dishes from the microwave, just seeing the belly image, then screaming. Hurry into the kitchen to eat healthy and lose weight. Only one microwave can be delicious.

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